Thursday, July 15, 2010

diesel oil engine and generator control system

19 years in facility management businesses.
Be good at PLC programming InTouch, VFD. DCS, Ionizer, FFU, diesel oil engine and generator control system.ed hardy hoodies
Be familiar with air-condition, HVAC, Exhaust, general gas, city water, PCW, Chiller, PowerStation,ed hardy underwear dynamo and utility system.
I hold Power Bureau LV/HV electrical operation license; electrical senior engineer license; 5 patents are going for requesting.
Good communication with other department.Excellent knowledge and experience on product design and factory management, EHS and GMP: machine design, manufacture and machine installing and producing management; with responsibility for Engineering Department on power supply, machine maintenance, machine installationed hardy trousers and machine alteration, waste water treatment planlacoste polo shirtst, soft water treatment plant; energy saving project ; great projects ed hardymanagement experience and leadership on plant setup, one of them cost over 500 million RMB.
Feel in good
Blue street

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