Tuesday, January 31, 2012

familiar with ITIL and ITSM management processes and methods

More than 10 years experience, including eight wholly-owned enterprises in Europe, 4 years management experience in the IT team, familiar with ITIL and ITSM management processes and methods, formation and training of new team.Senior sales, management, sales and marketing for over 10 years experience working in the area, familiar with the insurance product development process. Internationally renowned insurance companies have many years experience, 4 years experience in bank and insurance channels, sales management, insurance and banking are familiar with the basic business processes. Hard work, courage to take responsibility, challenge, there is a strong creative problem solving. Long career in the foreign, English listening and speaking ability, suitable for cross-cultural environment. Keen business sense, there is a strong market insight, can effectively motivate and mobilize the enthusiasm of others, with strong teamwork and communication skills.In about eight hours of work, has been in Alibaba, Sina and other large companies such as work, as a result of the need to develop good teamwork and communication skills, particularly focusing on the work of the team, only to understand relying on a good team to success of a talent the truth.
Eight years of Internet work and morehttp://www.vtctalk.com than two years overseas work experience for a person's working life is just a short moment, but I hope to own this brief moment in the industry to be fully exploited.Choose A Wedding Cake
I will cherish every opportunity to fully demonstrate the wisdom and sweat of self, to create outstanding work performance.Engaged in the freight for many years, mainly engaged in the shipping business of imports, have been in the shipping container export and import, export and air fleet business,Ralph Lauren camicie has a wealth of experience, practical work hard.I am currently a freelance, mainly engaged in securities investment, there is an operational company and Kemao experience Pony Ralph Laurendid the brand agency, scientific and technological achievements, education,http://forums.vpslink.com consulting and investment advisory, and so on. I have extensive knowledge, good organization and coordination, understanding, communication and a strong sense, good communication, legal, and English proficiency, familiar with computer hardware and software, Chinese language skills and good writing.Nine years of working experience and 3 years management experience to lead the eam to work efficiently. Proficiency in dealing with the financial daily work, the completion of tax planning, auditing, budget, import and export business, financial data analysis. According to the company business plan, preparation of the financial planning and control standards, the preparation and audit of financial statements. Familiar with state finance and tax policy to help the company signed a contract. Military Wedding Skilled use of financial software and Microsoft Office software, able to use ERP, OA and CRM systems. http://www.leonardcohenforum.comPersonnel familiar with labor and social security policies and procedures, can handle more than a hundred corporate payroll system.
Familiar with the large chain retail enterprises, http://www.b5media.com/forums software companies, such as machinery and equipment sales business processes and operations management. Active communication and cooperation with colleagues, with strong coordination and communication skills!

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