Tuesday, May 18, 2010


IE Group Lead, Intel Shanghai, cheap polo shirtsFlash Memory Department, China, 08/2005- 11/2007.
(Report to the Operations Manager)1) Initiate projects and conduct studies pertaining to cost control, cost reduction, inventory control, and production record systems. On the basis of these studies, develops and implements new process, strategy, and system for better operations and efficiency. 2) Plan plant, production facilities and equipment layouts for new product introduction; determine the most efficient sequence of operations and workflow and establish methods for maximum utilization of production facilities and personnel. wedding dresses 2nd
3) Plan strategic Equipment Capacity and make corresponding new purchase or upgrade. Conduct ROI analysis on the capitolshop 4u blog for shirts investment. Chair Build Plan meeting and allocate the resource to a different product mix optimally. 4) Manage and monitor the supply chain from raw material to final product delivery. Coordinate with the planning department for the raw material readiness (wafer and substrate) and logistic department for shipment & delivery. Control and optimize the WIP, TPT and inventory during the manufacturing process. 5) Develop system Model, determine the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) metrics, monitor factory capacity, output and inventory, and identify equipment and process flow bottlenecks.Projects Managed:? Lean Manufacturing/5S implementation: A pull and push mix production control policy for Flash Memory is developed. A production leveling method wedding dresses 2ndwas also proposed to smoothen out the loading. Problematic station was identified and fixed. Raw material releasing and PM schedules were optimized. This optimized process flow reduced the Throughput time/ WIP by 20% and lowered the safety stock and final product inventory by 20%. Through this project, the working capital, inventory holding cost, and production space were saved. Customer responsiveness has increased. A 5S and TPM implementation and maintenance plan was conducted at the same time.shop 4u blog for shirts
? Supply Chain Management & Pipeline Inventory Control: Joined VF (Virtue Factory) efficiency team to conduct an analysis on the current supply chain for CPU factory, from Fab/Sort to Assy/Test. He identified the most value wasting sections during Assy stage; built up optimal supply chain model; setup the target cycle time and inventory level; determined the safety stock in terms of service ratio; and developed a continuous improvement plan.

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